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Our Partners - Exceptional Creators

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And many other local producers ...


Salaisons du Mont Charvin

What if we could produce quality cured meats while respecting our traditions, nature, and people?

This is what originally guided us. Make something beautiful, something good. And do it well.

In  supply, this prompted us to set up the pig breeding sector, “ Le Rougeot du Charvin® ”, in the Savoyard tradition.


In the production, it is based on the craftsmanship of a Master Craftsman butcher surrounded by a dynamic team. It means distinguishing between what can be mechanized and what must be kept “by hand”. It means using technological developments wisely, to do our work better while keeping the eye and human know-how.


On the taste side, it means producing these delicacies from the taste heritage of our terroirs, such as diots or pormonier while allowing us to explore new flavors or materials such as Caillasse®, Ancelle®,  Tavaillon® and many more ...

The Mont Charvin spirit is both the pride of being Savoyard while being open to the world!

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Les Brasseurs Savoyards

For millennia, Lake Annecy owes its purity to the water from the glaciers that feeds it. Considered one of the purest in the world, its water is precious and inseparable from the activity and location of the Brasseurs Savoyards. Because it is by capturing this crystal-clear mountain water that the Savoyard Brewers make high quality craft beers. To this purity, they only add malts and hops from local organic farming. This blend of carefully chosen ingredients gives their beers incomparable flavors.

Thus, by combining this rigorous selection of local raw materials, ancestral manufacturing processes and their unconditional passion for beer, they perpetuate the Haut-Savoyard brewing history by adding an undeniable modernity to it.

Their bottom or top fermentation beers take time. Several weeks on call. This time will bring balance and aromatic richness to these exceptional beers. With an ultra-artisanal bias for design and production and resolutely innovative in terms of labeling and communication. Because a craft beer is chosen and tasted first with the eyes. Creativity at 360 °, it is from the field to the neck that they infuse it in their beers to give them the inimitable taste of reinvented tradition.

No coincidence, then, if the Savoyard Brewers represent the largest production of craft beers in Haute-Savoie: more than 15,000 hectoliters per year!

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Glaces des Alpes

GLACES DES ALPES selects exceptional ingredients

  • for their organoleptic qualities among our prestigious suppliers

  • products from our terroirs of France from which many recipes are made


Original, Gastronomic & Varied Creations

  • created by master ice cream maker: Stéphane Vindret

  • a variety of subtle flavors, generous in intensity for the most discerning palates


Expert & Artisanal Manufacturing

  • experienced pastry chefs at each workstation for careful craftsmanship

  • a minimum maturation of 24 hours for a smooth texture and an intense taste


Optimum Preservation

  • hand-spatulated trays for careful work and to prevent surface oxidation

  • powerful deep freezing and a deliberately low, constant, rigorously controlled storage temperature to prevent crystallization and guarantee the consumer an exceptional texture


Rigorous controls

  • organoleptic and bacteriological at all stages of production. Reception of raw materials, manufacture of mixes, maturation and turbining, finished products

  • weights and temperatures

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Our Local Partners

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